Newsitem on RT-Safe

Personalize your stereotactic quality assurance solutions with a PseudoPatient™ and improve your end to end QA.

RTsafe is providing innovative, 3D printed pseudo in-vivo phantoms and remote dosimetry services. Their solutions will provide cancer centers an elegant quality assurance (QA) solution by elevating confidence in the end-to-end accuracy of stereotactic systems and create wider access to advanced stereotactic treatments.

 RTsafe’s PseudoPatient™ technology represents a new generation of dosimetry phantoms. Using a patient’s CT-scan and leveraging 3D printing utilizing bone and soft tissue mimicking materials, RTsafe provides anatomically accurate head phantoms that replicate the shape and dimensions of the patient’s head. The PseudoPatient phantoms are used by radiotherapy professionals to perform quality assurance and end-to-end testing of their SRS and SRT systems with a high-level of precision and accuracy. The phantoms provide confidence for SRS/SRT clinical use, high-resolution 3D dose verification and can also be used for routine End-to-End QA of complex radiotherapy treatments.

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