Newsitem on Standard Imaging W2

Gamechanging technology for Stereotactic/ Small field Dosimetry by eliminating all corrections factors.

Simplify your SRS/SRT QA protocols (existing TRS 483) and gain accuracy on your output factors

 Recently Standard Imaging released their new Exradin W2 Scintillator, which is the only device on the market that is both completely water equivalent and small enough to measure stereotactic fields accurately.

Other small devices have some components that are not water equivalent, and so they perturb the radiation beam at the point of measurement, causing the measured values to differ from the true values.  As a result, each of these other detectors (ion chambers, diodes, and even diamond detectors) require corrections to be applied in small fields, and these corrections change with beam energy and field size.  Errors in applying these correction factors have lead to significant radiation misadministration events in the past. 

The recently published IAEA/AAPM code of practice for small fields, called TRS-483, now provides data about many commercial detectors and guidance for determining their associated correction factors, but the process is complex and therefore prone to error.

TRS-483 notes that the Exradin W1 scintillator is the only device that does not need a correction factor.  The W2 retains the proven qualities of its predecessor, the W1, and also has several additional advantages including increased sensitivity, an option to use a decreased active detector size, and the ability to use the W2 with a water tank scanning system to measure the profiles and depth doses for small fields.